Zero Trust for Your Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Tailored for water facilities, Agilicus’ cutting-edge Zero Trust AnyX platform serves as a more secure alternative to traditional VPNs. It enables single sign-on capabilities using existing credentials for employees, contractors, or partners who require secure remote access to water infrastructure systems (SCADA, HMIs, etc.). By implementing Agilicus, water facilities can effectively reduce risk, streamline management, and lower operational costs while maintaining the highest level of security.

Built on a Zero Trust foundation, Agilicus AnyX offers seamless central management of user access and authorization to resources, with fine-grained controls and detailed audit logs. We deliver secure remote access to any resource, regardless of device, without the need for a VPN or client software.

Agilicus Protects Critical Water Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

Check out one of the case studies below to see the power of Agilicus AnyX in action.

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Must-Read Resources

A Zero Trust Air Gap: Learn how Zero Trust strengthens the air gap in a critical infrastructure setting. Enjoy both convenience and security with a modern approach to accessing critical infrastructure resources.

Piercing the Purdue Model: The Purdue Model sets up trusted locations within an organization’s network. Zero Trust runs under the principle that each user must re-verify their identity upon each connection attempt to a resource. How can the two come together?

Industrial Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation: The IEC-62443 Zones and Conduits model is an industry best practice for creating secure Industrial Automated Control Systems. Combining Zero Trust with this model greatly improves security, while simplifying the experience for the end user.

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Agilicus AnyX Zero Trust enables any user, on any device, secure connectivity to any resource they need—without a client or VPN. Whether that resource is a web application, a programmable logic control, or a building management system, Agilicus can secure it with multi-factor authentication while keeping the user experience simple with single sign-on.

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