Agilicus VAR and Supporting Companies



Agilicus VAR and Supporting Companies

Agilicus VAR and Supporting Companies

Agilicus AnyX is designed to be nested multi-tenant, meaning Organisations can have Organisations that can have Organisations.

This in turn allows one company to support other companies.

New Setup

You can setup your customer using Organisation/New. You will need a DNS wildcard CNAME setup (*.theirdomain). See CNAME + DOMAIN: Theory of Operation for more information.

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Pick any name you wish for your customer. You will see this in the invoice information.

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Now enter the DNS name you have chosen. This should be setup as a wildcard CNAME pointing to Agilicus (e.g. *.THISDOMAIN ->

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At this stage hit ‘Apply’ and the new organisation should be setup in about 60-90 seconds.

Billing, Trial Management

By default, each new setup has a 25-day trial. You can see the trial dates and usage volumes on the Organisation/Billing page. There will be one row per customer.

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