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Agilicus AnyX Demo


Demo Guide

The Agilicus AnyX Platform supports self-sign-up and evaluation. If you wish to create an environment to evaluate, please run through the ‘Sign-Up‘ flow (see product-guide for more information on the sign-up flow).
Once you have an organisation setup and can sign-in, you may wish to try and entirely encapsulated, built-in demo. This has no software to install on your machine. The video walk through below shows the steps and usage.

Demo Coordinates and Internals and Notes

When you select the “CREATE INITIAL DEMO SETUP”, a container is creating running a desktop operating system.
Several objects are now created:
– Agilicus Connector
– Share (the temp directory of the container, /tmp)
– VNC remote desktop

There is one additional resource, a local web server is running in this environment, listening on localhost:8000. You may create a web application, using the demo-connector, to reach this web application.

The domain you have chosen during setup, you will have 2 web url:
– https://admin.YOURDOMAIN –> the administrative interface
– https://profile.YOURDOMAIN –> the end-user interface, launch pad

opening the Profile, you will see each of these resources.


Once you are complete, there is a ‘DELETE DEMO SETUP’ button which will delete each of these resources.