April 2019

Routing to multiple outputs by Kubernetes namespace in Fluent-bit

You’ve got a mixed-used Kubernetes cluster. You have a very nifty security logging system that wants to audit everything from certain namespaces, and of course you want general logs from all. How would you go about configuring Fluent-bit to route all logs to one output, and only a single namespace to another, simultaneously? Read on!

Unix to the Rescue

Ever wanted to apply Kubernetes secrets without displaying or persisting the secret value? Well now you can: Unix to the rescue!

DoS’ing the cloud with logs

Could cloud logging be the next NTP amplification attack for a DDoS? A small input produces a larger output, the ingredients are there…

Multiple Kubernetes contexts and your multi-coloured prompt

You are working with multiple clouds. But, you keep changing context and then accidentally applying something. Ooops. If only this could be simpler.Drop these two bits in your .bashrc. Now you can simply say ‘context foo’ and be in that context with a little bit of colour in your prompt to remind you.