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Free Your Applications: Ditch the IIS, Move Your .NET Apps To the Cloud. Safely. Securely. Simply

Your basement is full of servers running Microsoft IIS with .NET applications, chatting with local databases. You’ve read casually online about Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Containers, Docker. But this doesn’t apply to you, right? I mean, maybe in the future for new things, but not for the current? Well, let me try and change your mind. You can make your current applications become Cloud Native without a rewrite or rearchitect. Let me explain how.

First, lets talk about the architecture of what you have. A private network, local database, Microsoft IIS running as an application server for .NET applications. Active Directory for login authentication. Users must be on premise or on network via VPN to use, and must use devices you provide.

Now lets talk about the architecture of what we provide. A workload-based firewall to allow single applications to reach single databases (or other internal resources) without complex layer 3 and layer 4 firewall rules. This is based on cryptography (JWT headers per TCP flow) using technologies like SPIFFE. We provide automation of TLS certificates, a federated login, simple role and user management. And, without re-architecting or changing your software.

We do this via taking your existing .NET application, moving it into a simple Docker container (somewhat like this one). We put a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in the path, add some OpenID Connect, move it into Kubernetes. In short, we learn and run the Cloud Native so you don’t have to, but you get the benefits of reduced cost and increased reliability.

And, from a user perspective, things get much better. They can use any device, from any location, no VPN needed.

You may want to look at part of the technology on our Github page, or the Dockerhub.