Print via Launcher




Print Via Service Launcher

Print from a local application to a remote printer via the Agilicus Launcher.

Print Via Launcher

(For site-to-site printing, see also Print Via Service Forwarder).

In this model, which is more suited if we have multiple users sharing the printer, we use a launcher with a local application. When the local application is running, the printer will be available. It will not be otherwise available.

Step 1. Create Network (same as Step 3 in Print Via Service Forwarder, no change)

Step 2. Create Launcher

Step 3. Test via profile

Step 4. Optional, consider enabling desktop integration

Step 2. Create Launcher

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At this stage we can test. The user will need to install the Launcher on their desktop, via https://profile.YOURDOMAIN. If installed, they can either use the desktop integration, or, run refresh and observe the new icon, launch it.

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Once the app is up, you can install the printer as in Print Via Service Forwarder (localhost:631, IPP). It will work while the app is running.

We can check with netstat to see it is listening.

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NOTE: Multiple Printers

The method we are using above to tunnel the printer works best with a single printer. In order to use multiple printers at the same time, when creating the network, use a source-port override such that each printer is unique.

For example:
printer1 -> port 631
printer2 -> port 632
printer3 -> port 633

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