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A service is a basic primitive of a Network Resource. It consists of a set of coordinates that ultimately resolve to a TCP host + port.

Configuration includes:

  • Service Name: This is the name the service is accessed via as a user (e.g. the ssh name they will use) or one of your Application Resources will use to address
  • Hostname/IP: This is the name that the Secure Exposed Agent will resolve. It is often the same as the service name
  • Port: the TCP port # (0-65535)
  • Override IP: typically blank, but, in the event that DNS is not available, the IP address of the Hostname.
  • Via Connector: this is the method and connection to reach the Network Resource.
  • Accessed via TLS: If checked this connectons to this Network resource will be initiated via TLS
  • Verify TLS: if TLS is checked, if this is checked, the destination certificate is confirmed
  • Protocol: currently only TCP

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