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A connector is a means of getting into or out of a constrained environment. The most common case is to get access to one or more internal resources (Web Application, Network Resource, Share, Desktop).

Agilicus supports two connector types:

  • Agent. A self-updating, self-managing component that creates an outbound-only connection, and then allows reverse tunnelling. This is the most capable method
  • IPSEC site-to-site. In this method an IPSEC tunnel is created between the Agilicus cloud and the protected site, and connections run over it.

When deciding how to proceed, consider these points:

CapabilityAgilicus AgentSite-to-Site IPSEC
File-system Shareβœ”
Remote Desktopβœ”
Outbound-only connectivity, no public IPβœ”
End-To-End TLS, secure key enclaveβœ”
TCP-based resourceβœ”βœ”
On-site identity-aware proxyβœ”
Local Machine Authentication re-exportβœ”
1+1 High Availabilityβœ”
M:N High Availabilityβœ”
Site-to-site TCP forwarderβœ”
HTTP Proxyβœ”

You need to have 1 connector per (internal) network segment that has resources to be exported. Typically this might mean only 1 per site, or per protected subnet or VLAN. Some customers prefer to install an Agent Connector co-located on the resource, but this is not strictly necessary.

See the guide for more information on installing the Agilicus Agent Connector.