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Agilicus Connector

Agilicus Connector Configuration

Shares: Outbound Agent Secure Exposed Access

The Agilicus Connector facilitates connection from a bastion network and end-users. It installs on a device somewhere inside the protected network, making an outbound connection.

The Connector is self-updating. Once installed it will stay up to date. The live Changelog shows the updates that have occurred.


Step 1. Resources/Connectors/New
Step 2. Name the Connector
Step 3. Install on the target host

During the creation of the Connector you will give it a name. This name should have some meaning for you, e.g. the site it is installed in, the host it is installed on, etc. We recommend it be the hostname that is running the Connector.

At this stage you will see a dialog giving installation instructions. At the top are 3 tabs (Linux, Windows-CMD, Windows-PowerShell).

The Linux tab should work on most Linux or FreeBSD-derived hosts, including pfSense, OpenWRT, Ubuntu, Debian, Synology, etc.

On a Windows host it does not matter which of the two instruction you follow, they will lead to the same result.

In all 3 cases, copy the text box (using the blue-button at the bottom right) and paste it into an administrative shell.

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