Many employees and contractors are still forced to follow carbon-based processes for lack of a better solution. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fast, convenient and secure way to overcome carbon forms and processes?

For example, we found most (if not all) commercial vehicle operators are required to comply with hours of operation limitations as set forth by their jurisdiction. In our local region, these regulations are set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. All driver’s are required to complete a form similar to this:

As clear and straight-forward as it looks (obvious sarcasm), this form leads to shoe boxes full of loose, inaccurate, unclear forms for clerks to re-enter in your internal app. So, how do we overcome carbon forms?

Our platform enables access for non-employee driver’s to input these details in an application directly from their own device. This negates the need for repetitive, inaccurate entry and tied-up resources to confirm hours are logged correctly.

Agilicus leverages 2-factor authentication and Single Sign-On to grant access, removing the need for expensive Active Directory accounts.

This is merely one of many uses for the Agilicus platform.

Transition away from paper applications and forms for the sake of your ‘ready-to-self-destruct’ employees or itinerant/seasonal/contractor staff, TODAY!

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