Human capital is your most valuable asset. Your workforce is constantly changing, in size, in role. Some of the workforce are temporary workers or part-time. They may not have desks, PC’s, accounts in Active Directory, but it’s still important for efficiency and compliance to train them for safety, security, and efficiency. A fully managed, online Learning Management System that allows for any user, any device, any location, will be more effective in both cost and outcome.

Agilicus provides a fully-managed online learning management system. It allows authoring or importing training material from any system. You can simply share training content you develop with other municipalities.

Fully managed, always up-to-date and secure. Get the most modern features quickly with low total cost of ownership. Manage groups (Students, Teachers, etc.) regardless of credentials. Full delegation, allow team-leads to manage their own staff. Report on who has completed, passed, which course.

Any User: Simple Login
Any user. Authenticate them via their Active Directory Account, or their Social Account. No new passwords. No password reset flow. Login on any device, from any network.Mobile Friendly.No Named-User-License CAL cost: identify your temporary users by their Social credentials: you are still in control of who can do what.

Any Network: no VPN
Cloud services just work from any connection: home WiFi, mobile, corporate. No VPN is needed, no company issued device.The LMS works on any tablet, mobile, laptop. Any OS. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

Any Content
Create your own courses.Contract this out.Buy commercial courses.Share learning material with your peers.Support for SCORM, IMS, H5P, Moodle course formats.Rich interactive content works equally well in any browser: desktop, tablet, phone.

Full Managed. High Performance. No VPN, user equipment. Highly secure, simple.


Seamless, passwordless sign-on. Users don’t need a new account to remember, they can login with their existing Active Directory credentials OR their Social Login (e.g. Google). No password-reset flows needed, no passwords to breach. Works with 2-Factor Authentication.

High-performance public-cloud hosting gives good end user experience from any network without need for VPN. No VPN client software or certificates to manage.

Social Login allows extending training to temporary employees, contractors, part-time: 100% compliance without creating accounts in Active Directory which could create Named User Client Access License costs.

Rich, interactive, gamified learning. Make learning accessible both for the Teacher and the Student.

Personalised dashboard for each user gives calendar, progress, due dates.

Simple online course creation: no expensive tools required.

Simple sharing of course material with other departments and peers.


Implements OpenID Connect, the industry standard for secure login.

Simple administrative UI to assign email addresses to roles, teams.

Delegated management: allow team leads to manage their own staff.

Learn more “Learning Management”, “Demo Guide

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