Years ago we had workforces for life. People went through apprenticeship programs to learn. Compliance was managed by the journeyman. As time went on we became more cognizant of the needs of workplace safety and compliance, and programs like Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and others became mandated.

At the same time a demographic shift occurred in the workplace. People started to have job mobility, moving within the organisation, and, between organisations.

Today many organisations have a fleet of temporary workers, contractors, temps, a much higher fluctuation in staff. This has increased the cost of training delivery through both factors: more frequent need, more complex material.

The onus is on the company to ensure the team is operating safely and understands their workplace and its dangers. This is called compliance. In the same fashion that the learning management has become more costly due to higher frequency and deeper depth, so too has the compliance tracking.

Organisations usually learn slowly, over time. New rules and regulations occur, the organisation adopts and internalises them over a few years. We now have a third factor, COVID-19. Suddenly organisations are changing workplace policy and procedure more rapidly, while dealing with the higher team churn and more detailed compliance needs.

Traditionally a simple (albeit more costly) way to handle such needs was instructor lead training. A box of donuts, a meeting room, some powerpoint. But COVID-19 has rendered that impossible too.

Now is the time to adopt a Learning Management System which provides self-paced, online learning to any user, on any device, from anywhere. Temp, contractor, re-assigned worker, it doesn’t matter. And now is the time to make that Learning management system handle compliance management and reporting.

The key features you need are simple: 

  • Be mobile and tablet friendly
  • Work from any internet connection
  • Allow login via 3rd-party (e.g. Google, Facebook) credentials
  • Assign users to groups, training to groups
  • Give reports on who has completed, needs to complete, etc
  • Notifications on updates to above

Once you have this in place your team efficiency will rise, safely. And instead of grumbling about the donuts and powerpoint, people will take the course on their couch at their own pace and be happy.

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