Open the site https://lms.misa.cloud.egov.city/. You will see a login screen. The demo is setup to allow any user to login with their Google Credentials (Gmail, G Suite). You can simply try it out without any other steps by clicking on the ‘misa-sample-lms’ button as shown below.

LMS Login Screen

If you have more than one Google account, you may be presented with a screen which looks like this:

An important aspect of the Login Screen: if you decide to use this service, your team will see whichever Login Providers you choose (Active Directory, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, …). You will still have 100% control over who can access, and what role they are.

Once you are logged-in, you will be in a Student role (able to be assigned training, take training and quizzes, receive announcements, have a calendar, etc.). The initial dashboard looks like this:

Initial dashboard

From here we can try one of the sample courses.

Workplace Hazardous Materials (WHMIS). This course uses H5P multimedia with embedded quizzes. Completion is tracked both by running through all the material and passing the majority of the quiz questions. Quizzes are interactive, as shown below:

After finishing each module, the user will receive a score:

Once the course is finished, the user can mark it as completed, and receive a certificate. Reports are available to the team lead to see progress of their team, and compliance as to who has taken, completed, passed each course.

Course material can be imported from other systems in SCORM and IMS standard, including multimedia such as video. The sample course “Mastering Office 365” show such a course.

Once you have tried the Student experience (login, course), if you would like to try one of the administrative interfaces within the demo, email us lms@agilicus.com, and we will give you access to the Administrative interface which allows you to assign students (including assigning groups, which makes assignments automatic, e.g. “drivers”) as well as the course administrative interface (to author material, assign, report, etc.)

What does it take to get this live on your domain? Its simple. We’ll have you setup a CNAME in your DNS. We’ll ask you to configure a Client-ID in your Active Directory or Office 365 Identity Management. And then you are done, its all yours. We’ll take care of the backup, security, upgrades, storage, etc.

What’s the catch? None. We offer 1 free instance per Municipality, and we require you to integrate your Active Directory. If you want more instances (e.g. one per team), or if you want to hookup other applications, we would be very happy to help you with that.