Enable Secure Remote Desktop Access and Protect Against Cyber Attacks

An advanced cybersecurity platform with identity-based access controls, Agilicus helps organizations enable secure Remote Desktop Access and protect against cyber attacks without compromising on convenience.

Legacy Remote Desktop Access Solutions are Creating Unmanaged Cyber Risk

The many Remote Desktop Access tools being used today are introducing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to organizations around the world, especially when weak or shared access credentials are used. Common tools that enable Remote Desktop Access include Windows RDP, VPN, Desktop Sharing, and other remote tools (TeamViewer, RemotePC, LogMeIn, etc.).


Common Remote Desktop Access Attacks and Exploits

Credential Stuffing Attacks
Employee Vulnerability
Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Denial of Service Attacks
Software Based Permissions Vulnerabilities
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)

For many organizations, Remote Desktop Access is an essential function to keep businesses and services operational. Keeping remotely accessed resources secure is becoming increasingly difficult in the modern threat environment. Agilicus is helping organizations of all sizes protect against common Remote Desktop Access attacks and exploits.

Securing Remote Desktop Access with Agilicus

When a Zero Trust security framework is applied to Remote Desktop Access, the risk profile and vulnerability exposure of applications, systems, networks, and corporate resources is significantly reduced. Agilicus works by enacting a strict, least privilege access policy and allows organizations to set per-user authorizations. By segmenting access and introducing privilege controls, authorized individuals only have the minimum access and privileges they need to perform their job function.


Whether it’s a server, virtual environment, or physical desktop device hosting a legacy application, or a SCADA system, ensure your organization has the granular security control and visibility needed to protect remote resources and services.

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Legacy solutions are creating significant cyber risks for organizations, especially when used to enable remote access to desktops and host machines. Learn how to reign in cyber risk through a modern security platform that enables secure remote desktop access for workforces everywhere.

Enable Secure Remote Desktop Access for Any User, on Any Device with Agilicus

Setup 1-click remote access from client to host machine within minutes through the Agilicus platform. Enable Remote Desktop Access without configuration on-site and with no change to the host machine or firewall.

Take control and better manage cyber risk with a platform designed to enable digital workforces while protecting against the modern threat environment.


Eliminate network traversal and contain the blast radius of a breach or hack.


Seamlessly federate user identity and enable Single Sign-On and Social Login.


Perform risk and security analysis with full audit trails of all connections and actions.


Secure access to resources with user identities, access control, and privilege management.


Multi-Factor Authentication for Remote Desktop Access, including for Legacy Applications and SCADA.


Securely provide and manage access for third parties, vendors, and contractors.

Secure Remote Desktop Access at Your Organization with Agilicus

Eliminate Remote Desktop Access security threats with the Agilicus Platform. That means no more shared access credentials, tighter cybersecurity policies, and control over who has access to remote systems.

Get in touch with our team and enable Secure Remote Desktop Access for any user, on any device and make it accessible over the Internet without the need for a VPN.

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