Identity and Access Management to Harden Your Cybersecurity Posture

With identity and access management (IAM) built right into the platform, Agilicus ensures individuals only have access to the resources they need when they need them.


How Identity and Access Management Improve Workforce Productivity

Identity and access management isn’t just about enabling digital workforces, it is also a cybersecurity best practice. 

Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools help companies provide secure access to employees and can improve productivity and collaboration. The key benefits of a strong identity and access management policy and framework include:



Identity and Access Management tools can reduce the single point of failure in user accounts, their passwords, and credentials. In fact, in 2020, compromised credentials accounted for 20% of all cyber breaches.



Identity and Access Management can both reduce the burden on your IT teams, but can also ensure your employees have the exact level of access they need to do their work.



The right Identity and Access Management tool can help your organization introduce a higher standard in security best practices with granular auditing capabilities and the ability to manage the identity of users, applications, and resources.

Enhancing cyber posture includes ensuring only the right people and roles have access to the corporate resources they need to perform their job. The right Identity and Access Management tool should align to your business objectives and help improve workforce productivity while enhancing security and compliance.

Connect People to Their Work with Secure Identity and Access Management

The right cybersecurity platform can introduce Identity and Access Management controls. Get in touch with the Agilicus team and take your cyber posture up a notch while empowering your workforce with secure access to their work.

How does Identity and Access Management Work

Zero Trust enables conditional access to corporate resources through an identity attribute which is foundational to a strong Identity and Access Management solution. Identity-based security policies introduce least privilege access helping companies remain secure while still ensuring employees can perform their duties without having to jump through hoops.

Identity Management


Confirming that users are who they say they are through authenticating their identity is the first step in delivering access. This is usually done through some form of credentials combined with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Access Management


Access management is established by setting specific parameters on identity. By tying resource access to a user’s identity, administrators are able to take control of what a user is able to do with a specific resource via privileges (read, write, admin).

Tying Access Privleges to User Identity

Identity and Access Management is a more secure way to confirm the identity of users and resources by authenticating their access privileges. A good Identity Access Management system empowers the organization with least privilege access controls to ensure a user or resource has the exact right level of access they need.

This level of control allows an organization to narrow the risk exposure to the business by isolating users and resources, simultaneously improving productivity and security.


Implement Identity and Access Management with Agilicus

Agilicus is a cloud-native security platform that has been designed for organizations of all sizes and features built-in Identity and Access Management tools.


Federated Identity

Easily integrate with preferred identity providers, enable Single Sign-On, Social Login, and Multi-Factor Authentication.


Role-Based Access Controls 

Centralize user and role management by mapping users and roles to applications and resources with privilege restrictions. Easily enforce policies and enable or disable access.


Audit System

Ensures all users, connections, and actions are auditable, eliminating the uncertainty of who did what, for how long.


Centralized Authorization Management 

An automated access request workflow means no more micromanaging access and making modifications to individual applications.

Agilicus is built to align cybersecurity with business goals, ensuring any user, on any device, anywhere in the world can be given simple, secure access to the resources they need without the need for a client or a VPN.

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