Recently I have watched cities and towns struggling with a public health crisis. These have forced the closure of nearly all of their services, and in turn, forced the lay-off of many staff who no longer have a place of business to go to. It will be some time before this situation changes, and the new normal may not look like what it was a few short months ago.

Many of these now redundant staff will need training for new policies, procedures, the new way of life in what might be a very different job when they can return. But, also, many of them do not have desks, or devices, to deliver this training in an online fashion.

I’ve been struggling with how I can help. I am not an expert in manufacturing medical or protective equipment. But, I and my team are experts in safely, securely, delivering online software via the power of the public cloud. We can do this without requiring a city-owned device, or an account in the Active Directory.

So I will offer to provide, free of charge now and continuing after this public health emergency is done, an online training platform that you can use to create, share, deliver, the online training content needed to get your team back, the way you need them back, and, to keep them productive afterwards.

We will provide this as a fully hosted and managed piece of best-in-class software, based on Moodle. This is free as in speech, and free as in beer, you are not locked in, it is an open platform to import training from any other Learning Management System, or export it out.

We will provide the simple ability to authenticate any user, whether they have a city employee account, or are a temporary (and often disconnected) worker, in a simple, safe, single-sign-on fashion.

We can do this for you as either your own domain name (e.g. https://training.mycity), or on our domain name (e.g. We will integrate to your Active Directory and to Social providers, give you a simple web portal to control access, handle the SSL certificate management, hosting, storage. No cost. No commitment. No hassle. Your data, your data sovereignty.

I promise it’s a true offer, we are not collecting and monetising the data somehow, it’s not a loss-leader crippled offer. I want to help, how I can, through leveraging my operational experience in Cloud, Open Source, Internet, and Security. I think I have a platform that can reach people who only have a mobile or personal tablet, and enable you to deliver the content to improve your business, and rehire them faster and more efficiently.

See a bit more detail, including how to try this (no risk, no cost, no signup), at Learning Management System or LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DEMO GUIDE

If you are interested, please feel free to email me at

Stay safe, stay hopeful.

Don Bowman, Founder, Agilicus

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