2023-06-29 @ 17:00 17:30 UTC+0

Learn how to quickly and simply implement strict access controls, like multi-factor authentication, and propel your critical infrastructure sites to meet the regulations and recommendations being brought down by the EPA and other government bodies.

Webinar Highlights

New EPA Regulations
Gain a deep understanding of what security controls and regulations are being passed down – and how they affect the way you will need to approach cybersecurity

Stay Ahead of the Curve
The new EPA cybersecurity requirements are expected to impact approximately 155,693 public water systems in the United States. By watching this webinar, you can be among the first to understand and navigate these changes

Enable Key Actors
Internal teams and vendors both require access to ensure systems are running as intended. Empower your key actors with secure remote access to SCADA, HMI, and PLC resources while maintaining an air gap

Our Speaker


Nicolas St-Pierre
Chief Technology Officer, Agilicus

Nick leverages his 20+ years of experience in IT and cloud security to help organizations unlock the power of Zero Trust and modern cybersecurity technologies.

Curious how Agilicus AnyX can help strengthen the security of your critical infrastructure and reach EPA compliance? Check out our page to learn more about our strict security controls and seamless end user experience.

Interested in learning more about how the new EPA cybersecurity memorandum impacts your public water systems? Take a deeper dive into the details that will impact the way you approach your Account Security, Data Security, Vulnerability Management, and OT/IT Connections.