2022-03-03 @ 13:00 13:45 UTC-5

Join us online on March 3 at 1:00PM ET and learn how to connect to critical systems and operational technology without the need for a VPN. That means authorised users can get the remote access they need without exposing business-critical systems and infrastructure to the public internet.

Legacy technology solutions like the VPN and other remote access tools are no longer the optimal solution when it comes to connecting to operational technology and critical systems. These old access tools can no longer keep up with modern requirements for convenient, affordable access and place an unnecessary burden on technicians and engineers.

How can organisations enable access and connectivity for their operational technology quickly and efficiently?

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Learn how a Canadian municipality is using Agilicus to secure the SCADA system at their water treatment facilities while enabling remote access to authorised technicians and non-employees.


Here’s a look at what we’ll be discussing:

• The problem with VPNs and other remote access tools like TeamViewer.

• How to reduce the cost and complexity of connecting to critical systems.

• Enabling remote access for maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting for technicians, and engineers.

• How Agilicus works to keep your critical systems off the public internet while extending access.

Our Speaker


John Chiappetta
Account Executive

Join us live on March 3 at 1:00 PM ET and learn how Agilicus can help your organisation deliver convenient, secure access to authorised users without the cost and complexity of VPNs and other remote access tools.