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The Agilicus Secure Cloud Platform provides a Platform-as-a-Service model, right sized for any use. From “My application is hosted by a 3rd party in a SaaS model” through to “Will Agilicus just make this run for me’.

We take all the learning of Kubernetes, Istio, Ingress, Mesh, stateless sharding databases etc., and make it so you don’t have to. You can drag and drop a directory from your desktop to our web interface, and it will come up as a new application with a domain name, certificate, scale-out high availability. Its magic.

Want a staging organisation? A Blue-Green rollout strategy? We make it simple.

Take your traditional ASP.NET application and, without recompile, run on our Linux-cloud under containers. WIthout any work. With an identity-aware web application firewall to backstop the security. With a SIEM to log all access.

Cloud Native: all the benefits, without the learning curve.