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Joining Agilicus

Agilicus is an exciting new company led by successful entrepreneurs with a track record of building great global companies. We gravitate towards solving hard problems and making a meaningful impact in the areas we tackle.

Agilicus is a B2B SaaS company bringing complex security solutions to market but making it simple and easy to deploy for companies of all sizes. We make the ‘hard’ easy for our customers. We are revolutionizing how workers of all types access their corporate resources. Traditionally workers accessed applications through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). You have to install apps or clients on end devices to create a secure connection to the corporate network.

Unfortunately, this still does not protect against security breaches and ransomware and it creates performance bottlenecks for the end-user.   Agilicus eliminates the need for clients, improves performance and security while being more cost effective.  We want to make it easy for any user to access any corporate resource from anywhere, anytime on any device.   This is a $30 Billion + market.

We can teach the technology. We look for what we can’t teach but what we can help nurture:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit. Our past companies have spawned a number of entrepreneurs and successful companies. In particular in the Waterloo area.  
  • A desire to learn and a capacity to absorb information
  • An ability to develop novel concepts and ideas while putting them in to practice
  • A willingness to work hard and achieve goals

Why Agilicus:

  • Join one of Canada’s hottest start-ups
  • You get a chance to work with other talented, passionate people who are driven to succeed
  • Your efforts have immediate impact and you can see and measure the difference you make
  • We have an empowering culture. You’ll make decisions and you’ll make some mistakes but we work together to succeed throughout the organization. We encourage new ideas and experimentation
  • We care about our people and culture. We want to improve on each day.
  • Learning and growth for the company comes with a commitment to learning and growth opportunities for our team.

…and most importantly have fun doing it.